15 March 2013


How are you all doing?  I have been very busy catching geckos, laying in the sun, sleeping on Grandpa Jim’s lap while he watches TV, curling up on Susan’s legs in bed at night, eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping …  Well, I think you get the picture.  It is a very tough life, but someone has to do it.

It has been some time since I wrote to you, so I thought that I would give you an update on some of the things that Grandpa Jim and Susan have been doing.  Please refer to the pictures attached.

Mostly, they walk along the Indian River every night, but they occasionally walk along the ocean, so picture #1 and #2 are from that beach.  They wrote their names in the hardened sand wall which is directly in front of the Disney Vero Beach Resort.  They did not make the turtle, but saw it while walking – they said it was very cool!

flash 1 flash 2


Picture #3 is a real turtle they saw when their friends took them on a motor boat ride on the San Sebastian River.

flash 3






Picture #4 is them doing one of their favorite pastimes – playing the video casino games.  Unfortunately, I hate to be the one to inform you, but they are really playing with your inheritance.  I suggest that you do not plan on living the “good life” from what will be left – they seem to be having a big losing streak lately.  So, I know — why are they smiling in this picture.  Does make you wonder!!!

flash 4






Picture #5 is Grandpa Jim with Kris and Dave (Susan’s sister and her husband) that visited from Cape Cod.  They are at the Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival.  They reported that it was a fun day.  And no, they said they did not eat any frog’s legs, but I sure wish they had brought some home to me.  I bet they taste a lot like geckos.  What do you think?

flash 5






Picture #6 is the St. Augustine Lighthouse.  Picture #7 is the staircase in the lighthouse and believe it or not, they both walked up and down all 218 steps without the aid of an elevator or oxygen.  And picture #8 is the view from the top, looking back towards the city proper.  The lighthouse is on an island.

flash 8 flash 7 flash 6






And last but not least, picture #9 and #10 represent their vegetable garden (or portions thereof) – The first is a little pepper on one of two plants (hot, hot, hot!) and then Grandpa Jim planting tomato plants – planted from seeds!

flash 9 flash 10






We have experienced the Florida winter during this past month or so.  I know we do not get snow (thank goodness!) but it really has been Florida cold.  Grandpa Jim and Susan have enjoyed their morning coffee in front of a warm fire many times, or they cozy-down in the TV/computer room with the little heater going with the door closed to get the room at least up to 66 degrees – why just this morning it was 51 degrees when we got up.  We are sooooo spoiled!!!

They have several pots of flowers that surround the pool.  I will be taking pictures soon of those flowers and the tomatoes and peppers to show you.  They also just finished painting their master bathroom.  I will send those via e-mail later.  Susan won’t help me use her camera right now to take those pictures, she says she is too busy – yeah – right!

I would really like it if you could write me a letter to let me know all the fun things you are doing.  I will be sure to share it with Grandpa Jim and Susan.  Even though WE do not want any snow, we can look at pictures of YOUR snow.  Okay, I better go, the sunshine on the patio is calling to me – it is almost nap time.  I will be lounging here waiting for your letter.  Write soon.  We all love you and send you hugs and licks (I mean kisses.)  Wishing you a Purrrrrfect Day!!!