May 14, 2012

Hello David and John,

WOW!  I hear you got a new pontoon boat!  Susan and Grandpa Jim showed me the pictures.  It really is a beauty!!!  I am writing to ask you if I can take a ride on your new boat one of these days.  I saw the picture of Rocky in the back of your Dad’s pickup truck.  I am thinking that I could ride back there with Rocky.  And then when we get to a lake, I can board the boat and go with you.  I will be happy to eat all the little fishies that you catch that are too small for your dinner.

Things here in Florida have been really great.  I have been searching out lots of little geckos.  I don’t actually eat them, but I sure do like playing with them.  And I think they like playing with me too.  Cause they keep letting me catch them over and over.

I am really interested in having you write back to me.  So I have made it easy for you.  I have enclosed a letter that you can just fill in the answers to some of my questions.  I have even enclosed a self-addressed stamped envelope – so easy – so you have no excuses not to write back!!!

I look forward to receiving your letters back real soon.  I am going to hang them on the refrigerator.  I will be so happy to see them there every day!

I sure hope you are doing your homework.  And I hope you are having fun at cub scouts and with your sports team.

Okay, I am going to go outside again.  I can see a couple of geckos when I am looking out the window.  I sit by Grandpa Jim’s computer and keep guard over the front yard and driveway.  Grandpa told me that my food is too expensive and that I had to get a job.  So now I am “Gecko Guard” of the house.  That way I keep Susan and Grandpa Jim safe – no geckos will be able to bite their toes while I am on duty!!!

Wishing you a purrrrfect day!

Flash the Gecko Guard