October 20, 2013

map of florida







 Well, we have changed our location to Sebastian, Florida.  We are what people call “snowbirds!”  That means that we live in more than one place – we live in the south and in the north.  We live in Florida starting in October and stay here until sometime in June or July.  We are both now older and retired.  Being older for us means we do not enjoy snow and the tasks related to having snow.  Retired means that we do not have day to day jobs, so we are lucky to be able to live in a warmer climate in the months that are cooler.  We live in Willsboro, New York during the summer months, July through the end of September or the beginning of October.

This year it seemed to have been cooler when we lived on Lake Champlain.  We actually had the heater on in the mornings for the last six weeks when we were there.  However, we did find that our time there was wonderful.



Now that we are here, we are able to go swimming in our pool every day.  The water temps run 76-78 so far.  The weather usually runs in the low 80’s, but today it is 88.  This means as we enter the pool we do let out a little scream  “ Gosh – brrr – that is cold!!!”  But within 30 seconds, our bodies adjust and then we realize that it is very refreshing.  And  we are able to ride our bikes just about any day.  We went for a short ride just a little while ago.  We love riding our bikes and getting out to see our neighborhood and riding by the Indian River.

We like to go for walks along the Indian River.  We have done that only a few times so far, but hope to get back into the habit of taking a 3 mile walk each evening.

We have some good friends here.  Artie and Trudy are here now.  They live in Troy, NY when they are not here.  Jackie and Kevin are not here yet.  They live in Viena, Maine.  They should be here by the first week of November.  Artie, Trudy and Jackie also walk at night with us.

There is a movie theatre in Palm Bay which is a town about ½ hour north of here.  We go to Palm Bay on every other Tuesday.  We usually get lunch at McDonald’s – we love their $1.00 menu, with us usually getting a garden salad and a yogurt parfait.  We then go to the movie theater.  On Tuesday’s they have 50 cent movies.  Then after the movies we go to Aldi’s to do our major grocery shopping.  A trip to Walmart on the way home gets us the few things that Aldi’s does not carry – for instance, Flash, the Wonder Cat, only eats one type of food that Aldi’s does not carry.

“Grandchildren are the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation.”  ~Lois Wyse


 We have lots of landscaping around our one acre plus lot.  In the three months that we move north, the rain and sunshine here allow all those shrubs, trees, bushes, and flowers to grow…and grow…and grow.  In some places it looks a little like a jungle.  We work really hard to try to do the weeding, clipping and trimming to get it back to “normal.”  Grandpa Jim does the majority of this work.  I have done some weeding and I am also a pretty good laborer in helping pick up all that Grandpa has cut and piled.  We have three large trash bins and five smaller bins that we put all the clippings in.  Last week, Grandpa Jim cut so much that all these bins were filled to overflowing and we had to “take a break” until Wednesday – that is the day that Waste Management picks up yard waste.  Well, they emptied them and Grandpa Jim has already filled the three trash bins again – I am sure it won’t be long before all 5 of the smaller ones are also filled.  Maybe one or two more weeks, and then we will consider ourselves caught up.





We are going on a cruise!!!!

We are at a stage in our lives that when we started thinking about what we each wanted for Christmas this year – we found that there really isn’t much that we need.  So we decided that we would give ourselves a 5-day trip to the Bahamas. We have booked a cruise on the Carnival Ecstasy for December 2nd through the 7th.  The ship stops at Nassau, Freeport and Halfmoon Cay.

We believe that this will be a wonderful trip – five days of fun, food and friendly people.  Yippee!  Much better than socks or a tie – LOL!!



flash sleeping

Have I told you – I LOVE GECKOS!  Yes, it is true, I also love chipmunks from the Adirondacks – but now that we are in Sebastian – well – what fun I have.  The geckos are really cute – they are wriggly!  And such pretty colors.  I even saw a brown one with a bright blue tail.

They run around – on the pool deck, under the shrubs, in the flower pots – I chase them – they are very quick – but sometimes I am quicker and I pick them up in my mouth and then when I am ready, I set them down and chase them all over again.  It is so much fun!


We are hoping that you are enjoying your classes, your teachers and that you are learning lots of new things.  When do report cards come out?  We bet you are getting high grades – we know how smart you are!!!  Are you having a Halloween Party at School?  Do you get to wear your Halloween Costume?  We bet that will be fun.  What is your teacher’s name?  What is your favorite subject?