I wrote this on 24 February 1980 for Mr. Johnson’s, Composition II class – HVCC

Mr. Johnson wrote “Excellent  A” on the top of my paper.


what is it

I venture to say that every American family has at least one of these items in their home. Families that have two or more of these units ususallly have a large house, a large family or a large income. At times, it is impossible to imagine how we managed not having one, and at other times, we wish it had never been invented.

This item can be obtained rather easily and comes in an assortment of colors and styles.  The shape of the most common model is a combination of rectangles and circles, with some depths whhich may resemble trianges.  The basic unit is made of smooth plastic and has various smaller metal pieces that project from the upper portion of the unit.  two, possibley three surfaces of the unit are preforated, giving these parts a sligtly bumpy texture.  The interior of this unit is composed of many wires and connections, althought most owners never see inside.  Most models come with a curly, expandable fixture, while others have a long, straight flexible one too.  Some of the units may come with parts that light up, or you can get ones that do not.  The models themselves can range from comical to compact, and can be partially concealed or purposesly displayed.  This unit is just a small, minute part of a mass outer system, and when a person wants to initiate use of this unit, it is best that he or she have a basic mathematical background.  The sound emmited from this unit can be verbal, musical or monotone, but for the majority of its life, it remains silent.  The benefits that are derived from the usage of this unit can range from important to amusing, prayerful to jokeful, or just plain boring.  It is highly unlikely that this unit would go for a complete day without being used at least once by every member of the family.

I apologize for having to end my paper now, as I am being summunoned by one of these units.  Please excuse me.

I am leaving off the last line of my essay for the time being.  Can you guess what this item is? Remember, this was written in 1980. Just reply below by leaving me a comment. I will then let you know what the last line in my essay is.