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Welcome Autumn

Just wanting to say hello.  The weather is starting to change. Here in the Adirondacks, the leaf color is just beginning to turn into the reds, oranges, and yellows of our beautiful fall colors. Pumpkins and corns stalks are starting to decorate front porches on homes in the area.

We arrived a bit earlier this year, Jimmie had a chance to do a “Classic Car” road trip with his son Craig from June 4th through June 15th. They left Berkshire, NY, travelled to Madison, Wisconsin and the tour hit 7 cities in 7 days, ending in Gulfport, Louisiana. Two days later, they were back home. We celebrated Jimmie’s grandchildren’s birthdays while we were there – John turned 10, Searra turned 12, and David is going to turn 12 in Oct. As he was hoping for a new bike, and it seemed a good thing that he got it early, so he could use for most of the summer months.

We had several visitors here at the lake this season. Most recently, my grandson Ryan and his lovely girlfriend Phyu-Sin came for the Labor Day weekend. It was really a beautiful span of days, the weather cooperating very nicely. We did take the ferryboat over to Burlington; walking Church Street, having lunch at a sidewalk cafe, watching jugglers, hearing music, having a wonderful ice cream cone from one of the many storefronts that line this area. Ryan and Phyu-Sin got to go bike riding out to the Point, they went kayaking two miles round trip across the bay to the train trestle and back, and then relaxing while reading and swaying in the hammock. We had a great campfire and lots of exciting conversations and good laughs.

In August, Jimmie’s oldest son, Scott and three of his daughters (Searra 12 – Lilly 5 – and Iris 4) came for a couple of days. Even though I believed the water to be cold, they spent quite a bit of time swimming and gathering stones. They also got to paddle the kayaks around the bay. I had a little scavenger hunt for them – finding rocks, pinecones, feathers, etc. I made a new recipe, “s’mores pie” cooked in the oven, and it was a hit. All the pleasures of the graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows without the sticky mess on the ends of sticks filled with flaming marshmallows. Jimmie and I were treated to breakfast at the diner in town on Sunday just before they headed back. School in their area was starting. A new adventure for Lilly attending kindergarten and Iris attending Pre-K.

Also earlier  in August, Jimmie’s youngest son Craig, Kerry, their two sons (David 11 and John 10) visited for several days. We were here with them for 1 1/2 days, and then we headed out to attend a memorial for my cousin Artie’s wife Trudy. Trudy passed from a courageous 3 year battle with cancer while in Florida, but Artie traveled to NY to be with family members paying tribute to their 30+ years together. After the memorial, we continued on to Craig’s house, and they arrived home the following day.

And that brings me to mention that I have put the cottage up “For Sale by Owner.” It has come time where owning a second home has the potential of becoming a bit more work than we desire. We have reached a point where we do not want to have to deal with any maintenance issues and the related expenses. Unfortunately, at this time, there is a plethora of properties on Willsboro Point that are for sale. With that, I assumed that we would not have a lot of “traffic” pounding down the door. I have started to pack and organize for the potential, thinking that next year, I may put the sale in the hands of real estate. I plan to sell the cottage with most of the furniture, dishes, pots and pans, as well as all the Adirondack knick knacks. But, it is amazing how much “stuff” has accumulated over the past 19 years when Jit and I first purchased it. I wish I could report that I have done a great job, but, oh well, at least it is a start. The plan at this moment is to put the 5th wheel camper on a section of Craig and Kerry’s property and then we could spend about 2 months during the summer there, instead of the current 3-4 months we spend at the cottage. The camper will be sitting in the woods, no lawn to mow, no real maintenance. Push a button, push out or bring in the sliders and we are set. That location is about 2 1/2 hours west of Albany, versus the 2 1/2 hours north – so it really should not make much of a difference if you would like to visit us – if and when we get there – the Good Lord willing.

Eric is currently working on a film “American Dresser” in the Syracuse area.

His schedule has not allowed him to come north for a visit.  We were fortunate to have him visit us in Florida this past spring, and he actually stayed with us for three months. He then headed to Nevada and was there just over a month before he got the call that he was wanted to work on the film.

Cooper, our 9 month old Morky, is doing well. We believe he is now full grown at the 10-11 pound mark.  I love that he does not shed and I can put him in the sink for a bath. Small dogs do tend to be a bit more barky than larger dogs, and that is one trait we are not as thrilled about.  He has tons of puppy energy, and … we don’t. He really is a sweetheart and has brought lots of joy to our lives. Having Cooper has certainly curtailed our activities. We have not found a puppy sitter in the area, so our “excursions” are limited to be only a couple of hours. It has also limited our bike riding and kayaking. Or it could be us, with just a touch of laziness…. Our spontaneous trips to the casino have been limited, almost non-existent. One benefit of that – my bank account is a little fuller as I am not “donating” my allotted “fun money” there as much.

Next weekend we are taking a trip to Cape Cod to visit with Kris and Dave for a couple of days. They are enjoying their new place very much. It will be nice being by the ocean and visiting some of the quaint towns nearby.

And then, sometime around the first week of October we will start our trip south. We will stop and spend a day or two visiting Jimmie’s two sons and their families.  We are also going to try to visit a cousin (Gary and Cathy) in Virginia on the way.   All part of the 1400+ mile trek to Sebastian.

We do hope that your summer has gone well. You are in our thoughts often.  We would love to hear from you.

Love ya!!!

Susan, Jimmie and Cooper