Hello to all!

We have made our northern migration from Florida and we are now in New York enjoying being at the cottage at Lake Champlain.

We left Sebastian on June 21st.  We traveled to Smith Mountain Lake located near Roanoke, VA.  We stayed three nights with my cousin Gary and his wife Cathy who have a gorgeous place right on the lake.  We then traveled to Scott’s house arriving on the 24th.  Scott allowed us to use his home as a base of staying to visit him and two of his girls, Lilly and Iris. We also visited Craig and Kerry and their boys, David and John.  Cooper was mostly well-behaved after his first couple of minutes of squeaking and jumping and licking everyone to death. It was wonderful seeing everyone.

We arrived at the cottage the evening of July 2nd.  I cannot believe that time has flown by so quickly. The weather thus far this season has been very enjoyable.  Some hot and humid days, a little rain, some colder evenings.  But mostly the weather has been wonderful.  Jimmie and I sit out in our Adirondack chairs many mornings having our morning coffee and watching the boats go by, the trains chugging along the tracks and the many ducklings, seagulls and cormorants floating by.

We enjoyed the fireworks of Fourth of July in the little town of Essex.  Poor Cooper does not like loud noises, so that night and a few thereafter, were not as enjoyable for him.


There are always lots of things to do when we travel from South to North and vice versa.  Lots of cleaning of winter dust and cobwebs.  We not only have to clean the cottage, but the fifth wheel camper also needed to be cleaned.  The mice are able to find warmth inside.  The cottage windows really need to be washed, but I have not put them on the schedule yet – LOL!  I have sanded the arms of our Adirondack chairs readying them for a new coat of paint.  Maybe today or tomorrow that will get done.  Jimmie has been working several days installing the hitch in the bed of the GMC pickup truck.  We are thinking of moving our fifth wheel camper and that is just the first step of many getting it ready for that possibility.  It has been sitting in the yard serving as our “guest house” for the past seven years.  Not sure it is really road worthy anymore.

Last Friday was the third annual “Corlear Crawl.”  It is a neighborhood party that started with about 30 people 3 years ago and now there are over 60 people who attend.  There are usually five designated homes that are on the tour that serve appetizers and fancy beverages to all those people. One of the locations served small round, munchkin sized pieces of cake and the drink specialty was called “Cake by the Lake.”  It was a vodka based drink and the glasses were rimmed with multi-colored sparkles.  Another location had a baseball theme, featuring NY Yankees and Boston Red Sox – they served hot dogs, popcorn and peanuts.  We are usually only in one location for ½ hour and then we move on to the next spot.  It is mainly sponsored by the Indian Bay Marina just down the road.  And they are the last destination for the event.  We were too tired to make it there and we returned home around 8:30pm and settled in for the night.  I have included a picture of all the folks.  A Very successful, fun evening.

Corlear Crawl Group

We have made one trip to the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino (2 hours from here) so far.  Did not win, DARN!  But we had a lot of fun.

My knee has been bothering me quite a bit.  Surgery in February and gel injections in May seemed to only help for a short while.  I am spending way too much time just sitting because of it.  Not a good thing.  May have to look to making a doctor’s appointment here.  I really do not like being forced to stay still that much.  Although, as time goes by, I can sit and “play” on the computer more than I like to admit.  LOL!

One of the bigger projects that Jimmie and I worked on was removing a rock from the middle of the beach area.  It fooled us because it looked like a small rock when we started.  But we dug, and dug and finally got to the bottom of it.  Turned out to weigh about 400 pounds and we spent a good part of an afternoon with a come-along getting it to move three or four feet out of the main path.  We are certainly not as young and strong as we used to be.


I met with the two sisters that run Covered Bridge Realty and signed a contract putting our summer place up for sale. It was a very difficult decision.  It seems like the right time to do this. We just have a few too many worries about having two properties.  The older we get, the slower our “adaptation time” becomes.  It takes me a couple of nights when I wake up in the middle of the night to travel to the bathroom – I have to stop and remember which way I need to turn – tee hee.  The cottage is still really in great shape, but we can see a few projects that need to be done each year to maintain it that way.  Not sure if the economy is where it needs to be for it to sell this summer.  We shall see if we can garner a few showings.

If you have any desire to come up to the lake, please feel free to do so.  We would love to see you.  Even though we are still two and ½ hours from the Capital District, it certainly is a shorter distance than when we are in Sebastian.

Cooper has adjusted to the North Country.  He has traded chasing geckos in our Sebastian yard to chasing squirrels and chipmunks here.  His chain is just long enough to reach to the bottom of the tree where the bird feeder is.   There are more people here within his eyeshot, which causes him to bark more than normal.  And we already thought his normal was a lot of barking.  And we do not have a fenced yard here, so we are both spending more time letting him out, helping him get untangled when he wraps his chain around the picnic table, or Adirondack chairs.

Well, that is about all so far.  Please write or call to let us know how you are doing.  You are always in our prayers and in our minds.

Enjoy the summer days.  They sure pass by quickly.
Love ya

Susan, Jimmie and Cooper

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