This is a project I just completed.  I actually saw where someone did this and they posted on Facebook.  I thought it was very clever.  And, we have rocks!  Do we have lots of rocks.

So I searched the shoreline for rocks of similar size. I wanted them to look different from one another, but similar enough to group together. They also needed to be large enough for the lettering and they also needed to have a somewhat smooth surface for the painting. I used letter stencils for the outlines of the names.

Painting them was fun, although don’t look too closely, as the lines are not perfectly straight.

Collecting them was fun.  I placed them into a somewhat sample pattern to see if, number one, would they stack okay so that after I put the names on them they would be upright, and two, to show me where each name would go so that you could see each letter of the name.  Then I piled them into the wheelbarrow and rolled them up to where my garden hose was.  I then washed each rock.  Put back into the wheelbarrow and rolled them to my deck, placing then so that the sunshine would dry them.  Then one by one, I lugged them into my dining table to have the letters stenciled on them.  As they covered the table, I then chose one by one to paint the name.  Then I lugged them back to the deck for the sunshine to dry the paint.

Once they were all painted, I then put them back into the wheelbarrow to roll them back to the edge of the beach.  Each rock had a good heft to them, but I could move them one by one.  By now though, counting all the times that I lugged the nine rocks to and fro, they started to feel heavier.  That is when Jimmie helped me get them into place on the beach.

I do hope the grandkids realize that we love them and think about them a lot.  This little “rock garden” is in honor of them!!!