Obviously, whenever there are elections, there is one winner and possibly many “not-winners.”  In my experience, living in America, elections are won by a pre-defined method (casting electoral votes) and the person with most of those votes wins.  That, to me, means those results have selected the winner.

You may be in the majority and celebrate the results.  You may be in the minority and truly disagree with the results.  But the decision has been made.  Someone else may have gotten the promotion you thought you deserved.  The captain of the basketball team may have been someone you did not like.  The new president is not who you voted for.

I know that I have had experiences where things turned out differently than I hoped.  I think we all have.  Seems that is part of “real life.”

However, I am completely saddened to see some of the reactions that friends of mine have demonstrated during and since the 2017 Presidential Election.  I am not referring to the news media, Hollywood celebrities, or people who I do not personally know.  I am talking about my very own friends.  People that I like and usually respect.

It would seem to me that this is not a time when we should forget about the Golden Rule.  Comments made have completely contradicted their own feelings.  “You were mean to me when I supported X so now I will be mean to you because you support Y.”  I think they are saying “I did not like you making me feel bad.”  So, why oh why would they resort to making others feel bad???  I am confused.

There is nothing wrong with saying “I am not happy with the decision.”  I am just surprised that they often say “I am not happy with the decision, and it means you are wrong and I am right, or you are stupid and I am smart, and just you wait and see what is going to happen.”

Someone recently quoted words close to this – “Try to remember that the left wing and the right wing belong to the same bird!”  I think that is an important thought.

I am going to try to post only positive thoughts about today and my future days.  I am not going to spend time lamenting about yesterdays as they cannot be changed.  I am going to try to use light, not darkness.  I am going to try to use love, not hatred.  I am going to pray that my friends that are unhappy now will find happiness soon.  I am going to pray that they will use their negative energy in positive ways.   I am hoping that what we all want is a strong, unified country – “The United States.”  Let’s begin working towards fulfilling that dream.