It really was a mild winter here in Florida.  It is 83 Degrees right now.  However, I know those of you from the North Country are still wondering what was wrong with the Ground Hog this year.  I just noticed a Facebook post from a friend saying that it snowed up there yesterday.  Come on, after all, we are in April already!!!

At the end of January, Jimmie and I went the Carnival Liberty cruise ship to the Caribbean.  It was so nice.  We visited Nassau and Freeport.  However, during this trip we seemed to focus on us just enjoying the ship.  Lots of food.  Lots of fun in the casino.  Good weather.  Wind blowing in our hair.  What’s not to like. 

During February and March, we did some “home improvement” projects.  I have been talking about painting the house for over three years.  Kris and Dave said if I were to fly them down here from Cape Cod, they would paint it.  WOW!  They planned a two-week work-action to come visit us.  The weather was good as far as no rain, but the temps were mostly in the 80’s – making it quite warm for them to work.  But they did a fabulous job, and everything looks so neat and clean now.  We even had a couple of no-working days, so we went to the movies, on a dolphin tour boat ride on the Indian River and a couple times out to eat.  They also took a couple of days to visit one of their friends. So they did get a mini-vacation…..

I would say that we really “live” on the patio.  We love to hear the birds chirping, the pool water bubbling, the little geckos running around.  We have some beautiful plants that are lush green.  We have some flowering shrubs that start to bloom now. When the weather is warm enough (65 degrees +) we spend a lot of time on the patio.  We have our coffee there in the morning and sit and chat about everything and anything.  We eat most of our meals there.  I sit and read there.  I often work on my computer out there.

Well, now with the house freshly painted, it was time to spruce up the whole area.  Uh Oh.  Here we go!!!

Our swimming pool had been taking on a sad look over the past couple of years.  The interior of the pool was stained, and our beautiful “blue” water had turned sort of murky looking.  The painted concrete deck around the pool was cracked and lifting in some areas.  Another item was that the indoor/outdoor carpeting on our screened patio was showing stains and wear.   So, now that the house looked so good with the new paint job, it motivated us to do the other work as well.  We contracted putting new pavers outside around the pool, replacing the patio carpet with matching pavers inside and the interior of the pool completely cleaned and re-surfaced.   The final touch was having the patio re-screened with the type of screen that blocks the no-see-ems.  We feel like we died and went to heaven.  Everything looks so “brand new” and clean.  We love the new colors and the fact that our pool water is crystal blue once again.  The water temp is currently at 74, so it should not be too long before we can go in it.  We can go in once it reaches 76, but prefer it to get a bit warmer, in the mid 80’s would be ideal.  I am not complaining at all.  I know many of you are still dealing with the winter cold and yucky weather.

With all those projects, we started in early February and we are just getting done.  We are planning on taking a break and just sitting back now and enjoying it.  We will probably plan a couple of camping trips and maybe visit a couple of our friends on the West Coast.  But no new projects planned yet.

So. there is our life in a nutshell.  We would love to hear from you to find out what has been going on in your lives.  Give us a call, come for a visit, or just e-mail us.

We think of you often and miss seeing you.  We pray you are healthy and happy.

Love you!!!