Christmas 2018

Another year has come and will soon go to welcome us to a New Year.  We were once again blessed with many good things happening in our life.  Most importantly, our health stayed on the good side.  We don’t have to look far to realize not everyone is so lucky.

Jimmie had a part time job working with a friend.  He worked at the Sebastian Airport one day a week or every other week putting planes together.  The planes were built in the Chech Republic and shipped to Sebastian in large cargo crates.  The crates contained two airplanes.  The job entailed removing the bubble wrap they were wrapped in and removing 2×4 lumber that was installed to hold them in place within the crate.  The wings, tail and wheel fenders had to be installed once they were unloaded.  It took almost a complete day to “free” them from the crates and get them assembled and set up in the hangar.

I did some volunteer work at both the high school and an elementary school one day a week.  I tried to help a young man from Croatia learn more English, and I also helped an art teacher showing 6 years old how to draw different pictures.

During June, Jimmie, Cooper and I checked off an item from our bucket list.  We took a wonderful 22 day “Out West” trip in our 24’ motorhome.  We saw Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Yellowstone, Old Faithful and The Great Tetons   We visited the Wild Bill Cody Museum, Bear Country, Reptile World and spent an afternoon in Jackson Hole.  We ended up in Nevada for a couple of days before we headed home.  During the trip we saw snow in Yellowstone with temps in the 30’s and then temps just over 100 in Nevada.  We do live in an amazing and beautiful country.

In late July and August, we spent 6+ weeks staying at our “Camper in the Woods” in Berkshire, NY.  When there we do not have electricity except for about two hours in the morning – using a generator – to make coffee and recharge our laptop computers.  We do not have television or internet access unless we go to visit Craig and Kerry next door.  I was able, with Jimmie’s building ability, to make a barn to add to my miniature garden.  It is during our stay in NY where we get to visit with Jimmie’s son’s and their families.  All of Jimmie’s 6 grandchildren are doing well.  A few dinners out, a trip to the movie theatre, a little bit of shopping, a campfire or two and a cookout were some of the activities we enjoyed.

October 5th through 8th we flew to Albany, NY to celebrate Kris and Dave’s 50th wedding anniversary.  What a milestone!  At their party we got to see George and Diana, Rachel, Greg and Christopher and lots of old friends.  While in Albany we got together with Jimmie’s siblings; Carol, Robert and Sue Ann – first time all four were together since 2005. 

Between our trips we had contracted to have the windows replaced at our house.  We now have hurricane resistant, tilt in to clean, beautiful windows.  Right after we placed that order, our air conditioner showed signs of wearing out, so that was another contract we signed.  It certainly was an expensive few months, but very much worth it.

Over the past couple of years my right eye was giving me problems in that the lower lid started sagging (not unlike the rest of my body.)  I had surgery two weeks ago to have that corrected and my doctor reports that things are good, on schedule and that I should look “normal” (whatever that is) within another couple of weeks.

Coincidentally, Jimmie and I each purchased new cars this month as well.  I purchased a 2019 Subaru Outback and Jimmie purchased a 2019 Chrysler Pacifica van.  Mine in green, his is candy apple red – maybe we were more in the Christmas spirit without realizing it!  The 36-month warranty ran out on Jimmie’s previous van.  I had my previous Outback for 19 years.  We do have different thoughts about when to replace cars.  Just funny that it was within a couple of weeks from one another.

So here we are in the beginning of December.  We have the candles in the windows, our three trees (living room, TV room, and patio) are all trimmed, and we have a bit of festive Christmas décor in every room.  I do not think Christmas in Florida will ever be the same as our memories of our childhood.  However, we did attend a concert at the high school recently that was fabulous – filled with Seasonal Songs that did help put us in the spirit.  And the cold 48-degree temperature this morning reminded me of being up North.  Still do not miss the snow and ice!!

As mentioned, it is already December 15th and if I don’t get this letter printed and mailed ….  I sure don’t want coal in my stocking again this year!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  You are never far from our thoughts!


Jimmie, Susan and Cooper