There are several purposes that I have attempted to meet in creating this website.  There are reasons that I believe this is a great solution for me.  Here is why –

One – Our lives seem to be filled with so many things these days –
……….a) some of us have jobs (I do not)
……….b) some of us have children to care for (I do not)
……….c) some of us have maintenance tasks – lawn mowing, repairs, etc. (I have some)
……….d) some of us live a distance from family and friends (ah, this is my thing)

Two – I like to keep in touch with family and friends

Three – I love to write

Four – I wanted to learn a new skill – web design

In the past, I started to keep in touch with two of Jimmie’s two younger grandsons. So, with my sense of humor, Chewy and Flash (our dog and cat at the time) would write a whimsical letter now and then to them. Once Chewy crossed the Rainbow Bridge into doggie heaven, Flash continued the tradition and the letter expanded to Jimmie’s youngest grandaugthers as well. It seemed to me that the young children enjoyed getting something in the mail, and they also were less interested in talking on the phone.

As time passed, I thought, why not send to all the grandchildren, the older ones as well, which is where my grandsons, Ryan and Blake – and Jimmie’s oldest granddaughter, Cierra, came into the picture.

And once Flash crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I guess I took over as author and my letters/newsletters took on a less whimsical approach. I was trying to provide an update on our life happenings. Time and distance lends itself in us getting lost in the shuffle. I wanted to share. I wanted to tell what was going on in our lives. BUT… I didn’t want to interrupt your busy lives either. So, I thought, through my writing I could accomplish getting the word out and, at the same time, exercising my love and desire to write. And with me reaching out to keep in touch, I hoped that I would encourage, in turn, hearing from you, your sharing about your life experiences.

More time passed and I expanded my “news” beyond just the children, I was now including our siblings and in-laws. Having expanded the list, it also compounded the delivery.  First it was snail mail, then I expanded to e-mail. E-mail formatting complicated things.  Also, not all have e-mail access or if they do, they do not use it regularly. Then I thought, what about the Internet? I believe that most of my family and friends have access either by their own computer or phone. I thought, if so interested, everyone could get Internet access even if they had to visit their local library.

LIGHTBULB!!!  Develope a website that all can access. So, I researched some options, purchased a web hosting software package, and I have made an attempt at creating something to record and store “my thoughts” on line. Being on the Internet allows access no matter where you are – well almost.

I know that I have not included everything from the past. I found several that you may want to read, in case you were not one of the original recipients. I do hope to continue to post more updates, quotes, photos, etc. as time goes on. Having things all in one place will make it easier for me.  At least that is my hope.

Again, nothing is meant to be “life changing.”  Only informative.  I do hope you enjoy!