Welcome to “My Writings.”  I have always loved to write.  I believe my love for writing is directly linked to my love for reading.  I was one of the few that was excited when assigned to write a composition for my English classes.  I am a story teller.  I find such joy in so many things in life.  It is in my nature to share.

So, in this website that I am creating, I will include some of my various writings that I have recorded over the years.  None of them are meant to be “life changing.”  I only hope to amuse you, to make you ponder maybe a different point of view, or maybe just to waste a few minutes of your time. There are several that I have entered here that were submitted to my Composition class during my college years.  I stumbled across a folder that I had stored them in all those many years ago.

I will also include some my family newsletters that I have written over the past couple of years.  Some of you may have already seen them.  Some may be new to your eyes.  It is my attempt at keeping “in touch” with our busy family living their busy lives these days.  I prefer writing to talking on the phone.  And this method allows me to share our life events with several, rather than one at a time.

I do hope you enjoy.

Love ya